We have a very clear goal :
To make people healthier, and
prevent them from getting sick.

We do it by bringing prevention to everyone’s doorstep.

Affordable. Easy. At home. Anonymous.


You don’t get tired for nothing

I, Yannick, co-founder of prevent.one, was getting very tired, everyday.
I needed up to 10 hours of sleep every night instead of 7.
I was 35 at the time, so no reason to worry too much about my health.

After multiple visits to the doctor, which ended everytime with : “you have too much stress, you should work less”, i decided to get a blood test.

Surprise : vitamin B12 deficient, High Cholesterol, and border line sugar in my blood.
I was on the path to a lot of trouble.

I could have continued like that for a long time, and could have been really sick in few years time, or even worse. I understood at this exact moment that prevention is the key to a healthy life, and that regular blood testing is the best way to achieve that goal !

I changed my diet, started exercising more, and after few months, i was back on track, after almost 2 years of being constantely tired. I continue getting testing, to make sure i’m still healthy, and detect early signs of problems.

Our values

We do not take chances

We are in the health business. We know there is nothing more important than that.

We use only premium materials in our kits, certified labs for our analysis, and experienced doctor to give advice.

We have a 0% jeopardy policy, which means that we do not take any chances about any subject. We double or triple check everything.

This is our commitment to bringing you the most reliable service.

Prevention works, but is not used

Your health is you wealth

What is more important than your health ?
Nothing, really.

With the right prevention strategy, you can avoid getting sick in the next years.

It is not normal that avoidable diseases still kill as much as now.

The earlier a disease is detected; the better it is.

It is our goal to make this easy for you.


We don’t care about who you are.

We care about your health, not who you are.

We cannot link your blood tests to you personnally.

This is the only way for you to be sure that we cannot give any information about you to your employer, insurance companies, etc…


Blood tests to start with…

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